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Reunion 2013 News

The 2013 Reunion of the USS HOEL Combat Wardroom was held in San Diego 18th, 19th, and 20th of October and a great time was had by those were able to attend. It is high time this web site came to life again and the reunion is a good reason to do so. Pictures and stories of the reunion will be coming soon. We will hopefully keep the site alive and publish plans for the 2015 reunion that we all agreed should happen. Please stay tuned.

Friday Night Cast of Characters (left to right): Tom Lettington, Dave Arterburn, Mike Cottrell, Art McAllister (front), Mike Mullert (rear), Dave Craig, Don Hershberger, Scott Gordon (front), Todd Creekman (back), Dave Etherton, Mike Moffett, Mason Truluck, Ed Romo (front), Jim Rieb (back), Loren Page. Not pictured: Admiral Rich Fontaine left early. Rich Beggs arrived late.

Sunday morning send-off brunch bunch (left to right): Dervilla Gordon, Tom Lettington, DaveCraig, Diane Reib, Rich Beggs, Don Hershberger, Sheila Hershberger, Ann Beggs, Jim Reib, Mike Mullert, Kay Lettington, Scott Gordon

Todd Creekman presented an excellent slide show of the history of USS HOEL at our reunion. The PowerPoint is available here. The script he used to present the slide is here. Todd also provided a table of key events in the career o four ship from keel laying to decommissioning. That table is located here.

A set of reunion photos provided by Todd Creekman are found here.

Mason Truluck provided a set of 42 informal photographs taken at our 2013 reunion by Barbara Woodbury. Click here so view them for free, download them, or order printed copies from Shutterfly.

The Ladies welcomed us back with open arms adn a fancy billboard when HOEL's Third WestPac cruise ended on February 3rd, 1967. The CO at the time was Commander Tommy Groves and the Executive Officer was Lieutenant Commander Oscar E. (OE) Sanden. That's Mrs John (Pat) Donahue on the platform and Mrs Peter (Doris) Schultz on the ladder.

Steve Scudder provided the great slide show of the 100 Greatest Military Photographs . Take a look! (Note: This slide show requires Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Mike Mills provided the US Air Force briefing slide set for the US EP-3 recovery operation . Take a look! (Note: This slide show requires Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

Jim Reib found this nice little photo on Hullnumber.com .

Updated 6/15/2021